Who is Latischa?


Latischa is a name that originates from the area of ​​Africa, the meaning of the name is a cheerful and positive girl. This is exactly the case with the Latischa silk art brand, which wants to show the joy of every woman’s existence through the colors and patterns on silk scarves and shawls.

Silk as a fabric that is delicate and yet strong on the other hand, painted by Latischa, gives you to be original, special, different. Each model is painted by the author’s hand from his own idea.

The author of the Latischa silk art brand is Liptak Ana (1985), who has been professionally painting on silk since 2016, and attended painting classes with Victoria Tamaša Babić at the Matisse Painting Studio in Novi Sad (Serbia). As her greatest love – silk, she decided that in addition to the paintings they make, which are framed and adorn the walls, she should make something that can be carried, touch and feel, because silk deserves it.

There are several techniques used by the author to achieve the desired effect, and these are the watercolor technique, the use of gut, the combination of salt and alcohol.

The colors used are of high quality and for the maintenance of each product it is necessary to follow the instructions from the declaration, which is hand washing, do not use bleaching agents, ironing silk while it is wet at the desired temperature. Silk suffers from high temperatures, if it is 100% silk, and Latischa silk art gives you a guarantee to use high quality silk, it is so gentle and soft to the touch, with high shine!

The motives are various, but the message is the same, be love and spread the same, and that is the emotion that is transferred to the brand itself.

Silk scarves have always been a part of styling – a reflection of sophistication and style, they are simply synonymous with discreet luxury. Worship can be said so. Handmade work is unique, for some it is a luxury, for some it is a work of art. It is up to you to decide on a product with Latisch’s signature, and still stay original in your own style.